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Why Building Muscle is Essential

The term muscle mass is seen everywhere, in Instagram posts, TikTok videos, and even on the side of protein bars picked up from your local shop. But what is muscle mass and why is it essential for a long, high-quality life? Muscle mass refers to the amount of muscle within the body, including skeletal muscles,... View Article

What is VO2 Max?

VO2 max, also known as maximal oxygen consumption, is defined as a measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen an individual can use during intense exercise. In other words, it’s a reflection of an individual’s aerobic fitness and represents the ability of the cardiorespiratory system to transport oxygen from the air to the tissues (Hawkins... View Article

Sweating and Fluid Replacement

The physiology of sweating is a complex paradigm underpinned by the sympathetic nervous system. When the body temperature rises, the sympathetic nervous system triggers the eccrine sweat glands to secrete water to the skin’s surface. This is referred to as eccrine sweating. In turn, this has a cooling effect through evaporation. Collectively, these processes form... View Article

Fitness and the Skeletal System

The skeletal system is a core component of the body’s support structure and permits movement, makes blood cells and provides protection to the organs. Beyond this, the skeletal system behaves as a reservoir for an array of vital minerals, including calcium and phosphate, which can be released on demand when needed in the body in... View Article

Fitness and The Lymphatic System: An Overview

The lymphatic system is an important component of the circulatory, immune, and metabolic systems and is comprised of lymphatic fluid, lymphatic vessels, and lymphatic cells, including macrophages, dendritic cells, lymphocytes, and the lymphatic organs, such as the spleen and thymus (Ozdowski & Gupta, 2022). This system acts as a web of highways that transport waste... View Article

The Importance of Magnesium

Magnesium Out of all the minerals present in the human body, magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. It is an essential mineral maintaining health as it has a vital part in the physiological functions of the skeletal muscles, heart, and brain. The body does not produce it, so you must obtain... View Article

Fitness and The Endocrine System: An Overview

The role of the endocrine system within the human body is extensive and has profound regulatory implications on many physiological systems, such as homeostasis. The influence of the endocrine system lies with it’s many hormones that function to utilize autocrine, paracrine, and endocrine actions on the cells of their target tissues. Activities that target a... View Article

My Wife’s Breast Cancer Story

I met Sona shortly after I moved to California in the summer of 2009. She contacted me while looking for a personal trainer. I did not have many clients at the time. I was still renting space and training out of a small gym in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County. Back then, I juggled my passion of training the few clients I had during the day with being a security guard at The Montage Luxury Spa Resort in Laguna Beach at night. It was a way to get by and pay the bills while pursuing my dream of helping others live a healthy life. I was more than happy to take Sona on as a client.

FREE! 21-Day In-Home Exercise Support Plan (THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED)

OC Fitness Coach is proud to sponsor this challenge, which is a FREE, stay-at-home, gym-free solution to help anyone regardless of age or condition with their health and fitness goals.  We have been operating in Orange County, Mission Viejo specifically, for over 10 years now and want to give back to the community that built... View Article

COVID-19 : The no gym workout and Afghanistan

As everyone is aware, society operates much differently today than it did just 2-3 weeks ago. My fitness coaches and I have maintained contact with many clients as we navigate through what they are telling us is a global crisis, waiting for some resolution to this problem. The consensus I am getting from at least... View Article

Simple Ways to Optimize Your Yoga Practice for Greater Health

Yoga has several health benefits, including weight loss, increased muscle strength, improved energy, and heart health. Yoga is much more than balancing on your toes or twisting into pretzels. It’s a holistic mind and body activity for people of any shape. From trying new poses to arming yourself with the right accessories and props, there... View Article

Body Composition Analysis

At OC Fitness Coach we use the InBody570 body composition analyzer to measure body fat, lean body mass and body water. This isn’t a cheap $200-$300-dollar hand-held gadget bought on Amazon or Dick’s Sporting Goods. The InBody is a high-end device commonly used in hospitals, research settings, collegiate and pro sports to monitor subjects and... View Article

Do you need to count calories?

We have all heard the term “calories in vs calories out.” You see articles, social media posts and fitness pros describing body composition as a simple math equation. Further, these pros suggest that to lose weight you just need to move more and eat less while being hyper-vigilant on total calorie intake. While the calories... View Article

Don’t love exercise? Me either

I recently had a conversation with a client about motivation, exercise, and nutrition. She told me that it’s hard for her to exercise because “she doesn’t like it." This sparked an interesting conversation between the two of us. While I cannot speak for all trainers because everyone is different, here is what I said to... View Article

OC Fitness Coach Boot Camp

As a former Paratrooper in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, I wanted to create and implement a military-style boot camp for people. I had a “What the f*** did I get myself into?” moment during my first few weeks at boot camp in Fort Benning, Georgia. It was a major culture shock. As time went... View Article

Client Kevin – What’s the secret sauce??

Reality Check : A lot of people with products and services don't care about anything but your wallet. In fact, a lot of weight loss products and strategies profit off of ignorance and desperation. Fitness marketing is often pushy, salesy, misleading and straight out obnoxious. With our approach, we try and do the exact opposite.... View Article

Can you stay fit over 40?

“Am I too old to make a change in my body and my habits?” This is one of the reoccurring questions we get from potential clients looking to start a training and nutrition program. We live in a world where youthfulness is the answer to gaining a competitive advantage over others and the key to... View Article

Carbs? Yes or No?

Carbs. Yes or No? Low carb, high carb, no carb diet…what is the answer? Although there have been decades of research indicating benefits of low and no carb diets, we usually see clients completely confused and some times ill-informed about the basics of carbohydrate consumption.  Nutrition can be very confusing when there are so many... View Article

The Vegas Diet

VEGAS! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Maybe not when it comes to your health. Sin City comes with late nights, heavy drinking, and lots of poor food options. Just because you have a trip to Vegas, doesn’t mean you have to stop working towards living a healthy life. It also doesn’t mean... View Article

20 Tips – Lightning Round!

Good nutrition is more valuable for transforming your body than a good workout Consistency is the number 1 factor that determines success A lot of people underestimate how many calories they actually eat per day A lot of people overestimate how many calories they actually burn per day Abdominal workouts and core workouts do not... View Article

Five Common Questions I Get From Clients

1. HOW DO I GET A SIX-PACK? Most clients have or have had the desire for a flatter stomach or a six-pack.  I often hear people complaining that we are not doing enough abs (crunches, sit-ups etc.…) during the workout.  Doing more ab work will not make your belly fat disappear.  If you want a... View Article

The 2 Key Traits Needed To Be Successful With Transforming Yourself

In today’s world, people want things/results NOW! Health and Fitness Marketing Scams lead people to believe that YOU CAN have results (weight loss and a sexy body) NOW, with little or no effort. Take a look closer and you’ll realize that almost all of these marketing campaigns are too good to be true. Too many people lack the... View Article

The Secret to Weight Loss

Have you ever tired to do a 30-day fix, 10-day detox, or a vegetable only diet? You probably saw some results, but once the diet was over you went right back to your usual ways. This is what you would call yoyo dieting. Lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, and gain weight. It can be... View Article

Essential Tips When Eating Out

Essential Tips When Eating Out Eating healthy doesn’t mean every meal has to be made at home. As coaches we hear many times that people are waiting to start their health journey until things slow down. This can be business meetings, traveling, or your grandma’s birthday dinner. There will always be an event, and there... View Article

Five Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Tis’ the season for parties, warm drinks, and feasting! It’s the time of year when it seems nearly impossible not to gain weight. How can you say no to your grandmas home cooked mashed potatoes? Or your favorite seasonal drink that you have been waiting for all year?? Here are 5 tips on how to... View Article