Client Kevin – What’s the secret sauce??

May 8, 2018 11:14 pm Published by

Reality Check : A lot of people with products and services don’t care about anything but your wallet. In fact, a lot of weight loss products and strategies profit off of ignorance and desperation. Fitness marketing is often pushy, salesy, misleading and straight out obnoxious. With our approach, we try and do the exact opposite.

If you can mute the non-sense you see on TV/online and focus on 6 core principles that we feel are most important for weight loss + overall health (and trust the process), all of your health and fitness goals should fall into place very nicely. Don’t let the bikini model or the hot dude with a six-pack influence you into making the wrong decisions with regards to your time, money and effort.

Keeping things short and simple is best for everyone and over complicating things can be disastrous. There does not need to be guesswork, endless navigation and diet hopping. Hang the above photo on your refrigerator, save it to your phone or print it off for reference.

READ Kevin’s story below on how this simple strategy with core foundations has worked for him…

Kevin “Dan, I am amazed at the progress we have made since starting your plan.”

Dan “Tell me why.”

Kevin “Seriously, look at that side by side. I’m fundamentally not the same person anymore, and that’s priceless. Your approach is manageable, simple to follow and I can do this long term. I love the way I feel and every week I wake up and see a muscle in my mid-section that I didn’t see the previous week. I am lean and trim without being too skinny. I look athletic with muscle mass. No one would think i’m not decently strong.”

Dan “I have been confident in this simple strategy all along. It works for anyone that puts the effort into it. Too often people are influenced by what they see or hear online. It’s very frustrating, when you lose out to fitness marketers or celebrities that don’t give a F*** about your health.”

Kevin  “This is something that I should have done a long time ago. Anyone can do it. Maybe they just don’t trust the process. I am here to tell you. TRUST THE PROCESS. I am not hungry, burned out mentally or physically with the workouts or nutrition plan, and above all else I am so much happier with how I look and feel.”

Dan “Ok, great. Congrats on your recent success. We need to keep pushing forward like this is day 1.”

Kevin “That’s what I am paying you for!”

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