The 2 Key Traits Needed To Be Successful With Transforming Yourself

December 14, 2017 8:04 am Published by

In today’s world, people want things/results NOW! Health and Fitness Marketing Scams lead people to believe that YOU CAN have results (weight loss and a sexy body) NOW, with little or no effort. Take a look closer and you’ll realize that almost all of these marketing campaigns are too good to be true. Too many people lack the bread and butter of being successful on a health and fitness plan. What do they lack you ask?

CONSISTENCY. Most people claim they are inconsistent because they have no time. But the truth is, most people are busy, most people have work, parties, events, birthdays and anniversaries. However, more often than not, their busy schedule is not what’s holding back their ability to move more and eat better. Without a consistent diet and exercise routine, the body will not make the changes you want. That is not my decision. I can’t control human physiology, that’s just how the body works. If inconsistency yielded results, then no one would be overweight or struggle to get back in shape. Don’t blame your genetics, metabolism or busy schedule before evaluating your consistency on a steady exercise and nutrition plan.

 PATIENCE.  The “I want it now” mentality sets yourself up for confusion and disappointment. Ads such as “Skinny Pills” or “Lose 30 pounds in 10 days” are meant to confuse people and these companies strive on ignorance. If you lack patience, then you’re going to be a diet hopper and jump on different workout plans (“maybe I’ll try Crossfit, maybe I’ll hire a trainer, maybe I’ll try spinning” etc…) It’s important that people realize all roads lead back to living with the same healthy behaviors, practices and attitudes day after day, week after week, month after month etc.

If you lack either one of the above characteristics and you’re having trouble getting to where you want to be with your fitness goals, then here’s a starting point to focus on.   — Dan Tatro – CSCS

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