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As a former Paratrooper in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, I wanted to create and implement a military-style boot camp for people. I had a “What the f*** did I get myself into?” moment during my first few weeks at boot camp in Fort Benning, Georgia. It was a major culture shock. As time went on, I started to understand the Army mentality. Basic Infantry School was not just about firing rifles, machine guns, room clearing drills and patrols. There was also a mental challenge component to the training. Putting stress on the soldiers makes them more effective. This is true grit – harnessing the power of passion and perseverance.

Waking up for a 5 AM training session is not always ideal coupled with the fact that trying something new presents its own challenges. Meeting new people, having to go to bed a bit earlier the night before, and physical exercise can force one to step out of their comfort zone. I’m sure all of you have your own challenges and stresses. This program is designed to channel that stress, be comfortable with doing things that are less than ideal and transfer that to everyday life stressors that include raising kids, work, travel, managing a household and family.

You will grow stronger, so you are more and more capable of handling problems. The only way to become mentally stronger is through resistance. The goal of the four-week boot camp is to physically and mentally condition you so that you can foster your mental fortitude and grit. It is my hope that clients use this opportunity to challenge themselves and walk away after the four weeks feeling better conditioned, more confident, with a higher tolerance for physical and mental stress.


1. Each class group will have no more than 8 people.

2. This is a four (4)-week course that will challenge your consistency, resiliency, work ethic, commitment level, and grit.

3. We will focus on strength training, cardiovascular training, basic mixed martial arts and nutrition.

4. You must qualify for the class based on the following criteria: medical history (including injuries), schedule, and condition level.

5. We have a THREE-STRIKE TERMINATION POLICY. Three (3) strikes on the client record results in termination from the program (with NO REFUNDS). Violations include:

a. Showing up late for training. You must be present at class start time (not even one minute late).
b. Food diaries must be received by 11:59 pm daily. Failure to send will result in a strike.
c. Jog/Walk report must be received by 11:59 pm daily.  Failure to send will result in a strike.
d. An absence is a strike.
e. Poor Attitude, Lack of Motivation, and Lack of Commitment are all offenses that will result in a strike. Leave your complaints, laziness, and lack of grit at home.


*Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Boot Camp Training Sessions with Dan 5AM (MANDATORY)
*Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: Self-directed 3 mile jog/walk (MANDATORY)
*Sunday = Off

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