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Thank you for choosing OC Fitness Coach, Inc. as your nutrition care provider. We are happy to provide nutritional counseling with Daniel Tatro, MS. This service will be offered over 3-4 visits, with a package price of $299.00. We accept payment by credit card, check or cash.

Below is  a detailed nutritional intake questionnaire. Please fill out the questionnaire before your first appointment.

What to expect from your first visit:


The first visit with Daniel Tatro is 20 minutes in length and involves a review of the detailed dietary intake questionnaire provided.

Daniel Tatro will review the intake, become clear on the client’s goals and answer any questions.

Following this visit Daniel Tatro will create an in depth, individualized plan to meet the client’s nutritional needs. Note that this is not a specific meal plan, but rather an overall nutrition plan.

What to expect from your second visit:


The second visit with Daniel Tatro is 30 minutes in length.

Daniel Tatro will review the individualized nutrition plan and answer any remaining questions.

What to expect from your third/fourth follow-up visit(s):


Daniel Tatro will check-in 1-3 weeks following the second visit to assess how everything is going, and make any changes in the plan if necessary.

The follow-up with Daniel Tatro will take place over 1-2 (15 minutes each or total 30 minutes) visits depending on patient preference.


In the event that you must reschedule your appointment we do require 2 business days’ notice. Changes can be made via e-mail or text message. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please call us at 949-829-4589 if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you.

Yours in Health,
OC Fitness Coach, Inc.