OC FITNESS NUTRITION COACHING (Servicing both fitness clients and non-fitness clients)

Whether you train with us here at OC Fitness Coach, workout somewhere else, or don’t exercise at all, we offer a habit-based, nutrition/weight loss plan that you will stick with. This long-term solution will take the guess work out of your shopping trips, meal planning and nutrition strategies.  We will develop new healthy behaviors, so you can look and feel great without sacrificing your social life, holidays, events and vacations. Whether you are well-informed with nutrition knowledge and just need accountability, or have no prior experience with living a healthy lifestyle, we will work with you on an individual basis.

Owner, Dan Tatro hold a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and will help you gain nutritional knowledge. More importantly you will learn and understand how to apply that knowledge to your daily life. We will work on increasing your activity level, coupled with mindset and behavioral modifications, whether you’re a stay at home parent, a business owner, a senior citizen or a high school athlete. Nutrition coaching is free for all of our fitness clients, but even if you hate exercise and just want the nutrition coaching and support, contact us today to get started living a healthier life!

What Our Nutrition Clients Have to Say

“Katie has motivated and taught my sister and I to live a healthier lifestyle. She is much more than just a trainer, she truly cares about people’s health and overall fitness.” 

— Gaby, Rancho Santa Margarita

“I went to 2 other coaches prior to meeting Dan.  There was no nutrition integration and I didn’t notice a change. Dan and his team have GREAT nutritional advice and built some new habits into my lifestyle that have yielded great results.”

 — Meghan, Mission Viejo

“Katie makes herself available always to answer food questions or menu ordering suggestions if I head out to eat. Hands down – if you want to be in shape… if you want someone who cares more about you and not just the money – then Katie is who you need to see.” 

— Chris, Aliso Viejo

“Like many people, I underestimated the value of proper nutrition when it came to weight loss. Dan and Katie made it easy for me to get on track and stay motivated with their approach to nutrition guidance. Dan isn’t some meat-head that tries to push all these crazy supplements on you for profit. Both him and Katie really get you to understand the value of eating healthy and that goes beyond just weight loss.” 

— Raju, Irvine

“Katie got me on track with nutrition. I was tracking my nutrition, but there are methods to get the most out of tracking that made all the difference in my eating habits. It’s a very inspiring, non-judgmental environment.” 

— Elizabeth, Mission Viejo